Famous religious and Pilgrimages places visit in Kumbhalgarh

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Famous religious and Pilgrimages places visit in Kumbhalgarh
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  • 31 August 2022

The historical glory has to say something to you, this is why Kumbhalgarh is calling you out!

The famous historical and cultural sites of Kumbhalgarh is such a mystic which holds up the serenity of its magnificence. This city is home to beautiful monuments, glorious forts of ancient times, royal chhatris, intricately carved temples/forts which is a unique wonder of amazing artistry. It is also home to a variety of beautiful and colourful birds and wildlife which attracts people related to nature.

Mammadev temple

It is an ancient and sacred temple built in 1460 by Rana Kumbha inside the Kumbhalgarh fort which is dedicated to lord Shiva including 6 feets tall lord Shiva statue is mesmerising and splendid.

Neelkanth Mahadev temple

Located inside the Kumbhalgarh fort itself, is an ancient wonder which is delicately built up of single carved huge black kasauti stone. This temple is believed to be more than 500 years old and the structure of this temple now is said to be built over a dilapidated structured temple.

Vedi temple

Enlisted amongst the UNESCO's world heritage site, Vedi temple is a must-visit place situated inside the Kumbhalgarh fort. This majestic and beautiful architecture belonging to the Jain temple was built by Rana Kumbha around 1457 which was later renovated by the ruler Maharana Fateh Singh.

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