Famous religious and Pilgrimages places visit in Mehndipur

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Famous religious and Pilgrimages places visit in Mehndipur
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  • 31 August 2022

Despite being the city influenced by black magic or tantra vidya according to Hindu scriptures, Mehndipur is also the city of devotional vibrance. Several people across the country believe this place to be blessed with lord Hanuman's presence, as the temple of Mehndipur Balaji cures people who are twinned with evil powers or evil forces. On purpose, those who are very much devoted towards lord Hanuman, they visit the Balaji temple yearly or quarterly.

Mehndipur Balaji temple

Balaji temple of Mehandipur is dedicated to the significant childhood form or incarnation of lord Hanuman. The place is admired for having ritualistic healing and a dissolution of evil forces. Balaji is considerably famous amongst devotees from all over the country, especially in Northern parts of India. Several national and international scientists or doctors come up to this temple for research over black magic spells which get cured after a visit to this temple, mysteriously.

Teen pahar prachin temple

This temple is also dedicated to lord Hanuman ji located on the hills of teen pahadi. Devotees trek to the top and reach out to the temple just to feel the ambience and bliss from within. The Panchmukhi idol of Hanuman ji, Chaumukhi bhairav ji, goddess Kali mata, and lord Shiva are worshipped here.


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