famous religious and Pilgrimages places visit in Nagaur

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famous religious and Pilgrimages places visit in Nagaur
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  • 09 August 2022

Nagaur is located between Bikaner and Jodhpur, famously visited for its world-class spices and delicate taste of sweets. Having an abundance of mineral resources, Nagaur has an ancient and tranquilising effect visiting afterwards. One of the major attractions here is - Nagaur fort, Jal Mahal worth visiting in this life as it projects the historical, cultural and architectural embibe on the beholder's eyesight. Being one of the most elegant cornerstones of Rajasthan, it's famous for its international ecotourism. The place offers a special regional cuisine- daal baati choorma, ghevar, gud gajak etc to entact you to have a mouthwatering experience on the streetscape.

  1. Dadhi Mati Mata temple

The temple of dadhi Mati mata dates back to 608 CE dedicated to the incarnation of goddess Parvatigoddess dadhimati which is said to be the oldest surviving temple of North India till date.

  1. Mundal mata temple- Mundiyar

Mundal mata is considerably worshipped as deity goddess by Mundra community, and people having belief in mata mundal are considered to be blessed with her presence. It's one among the most visited temples of Nagaur, Rajasthan.

  1. Charbhuja temple

Located in Merta City of Nagaur, Charbhuja temple is also known by the name of Meera Bai or Meera Devi temple which is dedicated to one of the famous and popular devotees of lord Krishna meera Bai.

  1. Bhunwal Mataji temple

It's considered to be the most mysterious temple across the country, as according to rituals the devotees of mata bhunwal ji, offer two and half cups of wine as bhog to her. Apart from this mystery, this place has a blissful ambience.

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