famous religious and Pilgrimages places visit in Pushkar

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famous religious and Pilgrimages places visit in Pushkar
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  • 09 August 2022

Known as the 'rose garden of Rajasthan' for its rose fragrant essence around the world, Pushkar houses the 14th century old temple of lord Brahma Ji.  According to Padma Puran, Pushkar is an important and incredible pilgrimage site dedicated to lord Brahma. Famous for the pushkar lake of which several tourists take sights to, Pushkar's Brahma Ji temple is the only temple dedicated to lord Brahmaji.
Pushkar is also famous for its annual camel fair, and traditional markets on the outskirts of town, longest moustache, beautiful bridal and matka phod competitions and many more. 

  1. Brahma Ji temple

The Brahma Ji temple is very famous across India once you talk about visiting a Brahma Ji abode, because most prominently this is among the few temples dedicated to the lord of creation. Located nearby the Pushkar lake, this becomes a religious hotspot for pilgrims, also it's one of the oldest architecture present till date.

  1. Apteshwar Mahadev temple

Dedicated to lord Shiva, the Apteshwar Mahadev temple surrounds a replica of Kailash which is irresistible to take eyes off. It's believed to be built in the 12th century in which the major attraction is - Lord Shiva's five faces:- Sadyojat, Vamdev, Aghor, Tatpurush, Ishan.

  1. Varaha temple

The temple is a finest sculpture of the ancient times which dates back to the 12th century, built by Raja Anaji Chauhan. This temple is dedicated to the third incarnation or Avatar of lord Vishnu- Varaha.

  1. Rangji temple

Being one of the most visited temple complexes of Rajasthan, this temple is dedicated to lord Vishnuji's Avatar of Rangaji. The old Rangaji temple has an impression of ancient scientific architecture and is thoroughly designed as a South Indian structure with a fusion of the mediaeval period.


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