Most Famous Temples in Amravati

Most Famous Temples in Amravati
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  • 17 October 2022

It is named after the capital city of ‘Svarga’ or Heaven. The city has existed for a long time and proof of it can be found in the inscriptions on the base of the statue of lord Adinath which is made up of marble. It has various temples with the main shrine being the Amba Devi temple. It has been an important site for both the Jains and Hindu devotees.

Amba Devi and Ekvira Devi temple
As the name says these two temples are dedicated to the Aadishakti deities of Devi Amba and Devi Ekvira. These are located at Gandhi square and Karla respectively. These were built in 1660 and also symbolises God's gesture of aiding their devotees.

Iskcon temple
Amaravati-The well-renowned ISKCON chains staunch in dedication to lord Krishna , here in Amravati is located in Saraswati colony at VMV road is a huge fanatic sightsee. This temple is considered unique among the ISKCON shrines as it is built in dedication of Lord Krishna’s wife Goddess Rukmani which is characterised by the multiple statues placed all over the site. The shrine was built in 2000 to attract crores of tourists from across the world!

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