Most Famous Temples in badami/Vatapi

Most Famous Temples in badami/Vatapi
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  • 14 October 2022

Badami or say it just vatapi if you are kinda modern in linguistics. But yes this is one among the UNESCO's toplist cities with another worldwide. On the level of giving goosebumps to you, this place is a masterpiece of all your help. Once you pay a visit to the city of vatapi, it reallocates your mind to be mindful about tripping more and more around it. The flora and fauna of the surrounding areas flaunts its lush green beauty bays which can make your day as special as you're!

Bhootnath Temple
Bhutanatha Temple is located on the eastern side of Agastya Tirta. This is one of the earliest examples of structural temples in South India. The temple was built by Vatapi, as Badami was then known, during the reign of the Chalukya dynasty. Subsequent additions were built by

Kalyani Chalukya.

Badami cave temples
Significant for hindu and jain devotees, first discovered by stella. This is the best structure of rock-cut craftsmanship and no wonder how exciting it's to visit the cave temples of Badami. It's generally believed to be cut from the top of a mountain and built in a masterpiece for the world to just relish the culture and historical importance of our ancestral and vigilance.

Banashankari temple
The temple was originally built in the Dravidian architectural style. The reconstructed building is in the Vijayanagara architectural style. The temple is surrounded on all sides by high walls. The main structures include the mukha mantapa (portico), the ardha mandapa (the entrance hall/room in front of the sanctuary) and the sanctuary surmounted by a vimana (tower). The main shrine of the temple is dedicated to Goddess Banashankari.


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