Most Famous Temples in Balligavi

Most Famous Temples in Balligavi
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  • 13 October 2022

Balligavi formerly known as Dakshina Kedara which means Kedarnath of South is a well-known place for its ancient monuments. It is located 72 km from Shivamogga city and 21 km from Shikaripura town. Legend has it that Balligavi was the capital of an Asura king (demon) and hence was called Balipura (city of Bali). The Pandavas came here while on their Vanavasa (forest sojourn) and installed the Panchalinga (five lingas); hence the name Panchalingeswara to the well known temple here. Linga is the universal symbol of  Shiva.

Kedareshwar Temple
The temple has a stepped entryway on three sides and faces east. This temple's trikuta "triple towers" design is a superb example of transitional Western Chalukya-Hoysala architecture. According to Mysore archaeological department, it is the first instance of this combinational style in Karnataka.

Tripurantaka temple
The Western Chalukyas constructed the "Tripurantaka Temple" around the year 1070 CE. Friezes on the temple's outer walls are decorated with exotic sculptures. These representations are regarded as uncommon in Chalukyan art. These are only noticeable up close due to their tiny size. These inscriptions include descriptions of the construction of temples among other things.


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