Most Famous Temples in Chandrapur

Most Famous Temples in Chandrapur
  • Admin
  • 17 October 2022

Earlier known as ‘Lokpur’ and later on having its name changed to ‘Chanda’ during the British era this place is known for its forts and has rich coal deposits. The presence of coal has made it an important site since old times which has resulted in the development of rich culture including devotional activities which can be observed in the temples located in the city.

Mahakali temple
One of the ancient shrines of Chandrapur, the Mahakali temple is located inside the premises of Anchaleshwar Shiva Temple. It is known for its eloquent idols displaying two contrasting expressions of the goddess kali.

Bhadravati Jain temple
Dedicated to Lord Parsawanath who was the 23rd Tirthankar of the Jain community, Bhadravati Jain temple is one of the sanctified places concerned with the Jain community. It is situated near the village of Bhadravati. This temple is under the care of the Shwetambar sect of the Jain community.


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