Most Famous Temples in Coorg

Most Famous Temples in Coorg
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  • 13 October 2022

Coorg is a managerial district in the Karnataka state of India. Before 1956, it was an administratively separate Coorg State, at which juncture it was merged into a widened Mysore State. Around the pre independence period of our country, Coorg was the place where administration and provincial governance used to get power and provided by the name of colonial settlement it's famous around the world as an important part of Karnataka till date!

Namdroling monastery or Golden Temple

The Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery is the most extensive teaching centre of the Nyingma family of Tibetan Buddhism in the world. Located in Bylakuppe, part of the Mysuru district of the state of Karnataka, the monastery is home to sangha residents of around five thousand lamas (both monks and nuns).

Omkareshwar temple

The temple was built in the Muhammadan technique of architecture consisting of a dome in the centre. Its four intersections are surrounded by four turrets. Near the entry door of the temple, a linga has been inaugurated. Another appealing architectural element of the temple is the water tank in front, which is inhabited by various types of fish.

Bhagandeshwara Temple

This temple is primarily dedicated to Lord Bhagandeshwara, a form of Lord Shiva. However, the idols of Lord Ganesha, Lord Narayana, and Lord Subramanya have also lived, kept, and worshipped in this temple. It is said that this temple was built during the Cholas dynasty. It offers a Karavali (west coast) architectural manner, with a gabled roof.

Padi Igguthappa Temple

Padi Igguthappa Temple was built by Lingarajendra in the year 1810. One of the most antique temples, it is located in Igguthappa Devara betta in Aiyengeri woods which is 45 Km from Madikeri city towards Virajpet. The architectural structure of the temple corresponds to ancient Keralite temples to a large extent. The temple is dedicated to Lord Igguthappa which is another name for Lord Subramanya. This temple holds great significance amongst Kodavas and charms their culture and traditions.

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