Most Famous Temples in Kollur

Most Famous Temples in Kollur
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  • 13 October 2022

Kollur is situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats, and is known for its religious importance as well as natural beauty. And what if we say, it's a place where you can find solace and peace in one place. Other than these elements, to add an adventurous and romance of valour and joy alongside the trip, what else would be the most joyful things than this befitted experience!

 1.Kollur Mookambika temple

Mookambika Temple is one of the busiest religious places in the country and is an important place of Shakti worship. It is said that here Goddess Parvati killed a demon named Mokasur, hence it was named Mookambika. There is basically only one Jyotirlinga in the main sanctum of the temple. There is a golden line around this Jyotirlinga, which completely divides it into two halves.

2.Balamuri ganapathi temple

The idol of Ganapati is installed on a stone throne in this temple. This 3 feet high statue facing east is self-styled and in this the trunk of Shri Ganesh is bent to the left. The eyes and navel of the idol are studded with diamonds. There are also idols of both Shri Ganesha and Riddhi-Siddhi who are waving chanwar. The idol of Lord Ganesha in Dhundi Vinayak temple faces west. It is said that the ancient temple of Ballaleshwar was made of wood. Later stone was used for its reconstruction.

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