Most Famous Temples in Latur

Most Famous Temples in Latur
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  • 14 October 2022

The city is known for its rich heritage and monuments, it has been an important religious centre since the era of the Rashtrakutas which can be seen when one visits the Siddheswar Ratneshwar Mahadev temple and various other sites including forts. The city is also an important historical site including the Udgir fort and
Kharosa caves.

Siddheshwar Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple
Symbolising the VeerShaiva movement this temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and the saint Siddharameshwar. It is located 2km from the city of Latur and is an abode for Shiva devotees. The temple’s architecture is influenced by west Indian architecture.

Ganj Golai Temple
Built under the Rashtrakutas this temple is dedicated to the goddess Jagdamba this temple is located in the heart of Latur. The temple’s two-storied structure was designed by a Muslim architect named Faijyauddin and was built in 1917, it has also become an important market centre of the city.

Ashtavinayak Temple
Consisting of a beautiful marble idol of Lord Ganesha and wall carvings depicting his 8 forms this temple is located in Narayan Nagar, Latur. It is built in South Indian or also known as Dravidian style architecture with two artificial fountains built on both sides of the temple and a 4feet tall idol of Lord Ganesha carved out of Marble.

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