Most Famous Temples in Mannargudi

Most Famous Temples in Mannargudi
  • Admin
  • 13 October 2022

Mannargudi, a sleepy little town in Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, is perhaps best known for its temple, the Rajagopalaswamy Temple. Apart from this, there is little to see or do in this town except for experiencing the local culture of small town Tamil Nadu and enjoying simple South Indian meals and snacks at its many temple-side stalls and eateries. Yes, the city is not too big to serve you so many entities, but definitely it has a huge case to befriend you through each and every stone up there erected to welcome and woke you up!

Sri vidya Rajagopala Swamy temple
Highly significant for Vaishnava devotees as this is dedicated to Krishna where he names as Rajagopalswamy. This temple and its covered area is known as south Dwarka. Originally constructed by king kulothunga Chola further enriched by Thanjavur Nayakas. Here Shri krishna appeared as a shepherd wearing a turban and dhoti. The structure of the temple is 16 towers, 7 prakaras, 7 Mandaps and 18 vimanas. It has 11 tiers but all sculptures started from the 7th one. This place and the temple alongside is a masterpiece in itself, but behind the scenes it's the place which you can never skip to go to.


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