Most Famous Temples in Virudhunagar

Most Famous Temples in Virudhunagar
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  • 13 October 2022

Virudhunagar district came into existence by the bifurcation of Ramanathapuram district via State Government Notification, G.O. Ms. 347 dated 8.3.1985. It is bounded on north by Madurai and Sivagangai district, south by Tirunelveli and Tuticorin district, east by Ramanathapuram district, west by Kerala state and northwest by Theni district. With its remarkable attractions, tropical climate, and palatable cuisine, Virudhunagar makes it to the list of must-visit destination in Tamil Nadu for tourists.

Srivilliputhur Andal Kovil temple
Srivilliputhur Divya Desam is a popular Hindu temple and one of the 108 Divya Desams, the most important abodes of Lord Vishnu and is the birthplace of two of the most important Alvars (saints) in the Vaishnavite tradition, Periyazhvar and Andal. The temple is located in the town of Srivilliputtur about 74 km from Madurai, India. It is significant that the temple tower is used in the Tamilnadu government's official seal.
The Pillar-Hall, with an artistically designed front view, welcomes us. On either side of the hall, Vanamalai Jeear monastry with shops, and monastries of Vedantha Desikar and Manavalla Saint are set up. The next to Pillar-Hall is the Divine Marriage Hall. It looks exequisitely beautiful with sculptured figures of Yali in big pillars. A statuette of Saint Appar is found in a pillar which is in the southern entrance. On the inside ceiling of this hall, the paintings of Nayakkar Dynasty period’s Ramayana have been drawn. These painting are getting defaced due to lack of proper maintenance.

Karunelli Nathar temple
This Siva temple is in Thiruthangal near perumal temple on a small hillock. Main deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Karunellinadhar. The temple dates back to some 5000 BC. There is a way from perumal temple other than the main entrance. We see Arumugan, and Ambal in separate sanctum. As we climb few steps we see Lord Murugan as Dandayudhapani in a small sanctum with separate gopuram. Ganesha is seen in separate sanctum here.

Kasi Viswanathan temple 
Kashi Vishwanath Temple is one of the most famous temples in Varanasi, also known as the Golden temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was constructed in the year 1780 by the Maratha monarch, Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore. Legneds believe that The Sri Tenkasi Kasi Viswanathar Temple is dedicated to God Sri Tenkasi Kasi Viswanathar. Sages Narada, Agasthya and Mrugandu as well as Indira, Vali and Nandhi had worshipped the God in this temple. About 700 years ago, King Parakrama Pandiya took up a pilgrimage to Kasi when he desired to worship God Viswanatha. The God appeared in his dream and said that he could build a temple here to avoid a long journey to the north. He advised the king to follow the path taken by ants and build the temple where it ended. The line of ants ended on the banks of the Chitraru River dense with Shenbaga trees. He found a Swayambulinga near an anthill and built the temple as directed by the God.

Sathuragiri shiva temple
Sathuragiri hills are around 15 km from Watrap or Vathirairuppu village near Srivilliputhur. Sathuragiri Shiva Temple surrounded by mountains is referred to as the abode of Lord Shiva and the innumerable saints who are still believed to religiously worship Lord Shiva in Sathuragiri Hills. The name “Sathuragiri” is supposed to be derived from the Sanskrit term “Chatur” meaning four and “Giri” meaning hills, and so it is “the place where all four Vedas meet and become one”.

Madavar vilagam vaidyanathar temple
Madavar Vilagam Vaidyanathar temple is a Shiva temple located in Madavar Vilagam, located in one kilometre southerly to Srivilliputhur in Virudhunagar district in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. As per Hindu legend, Shiva appeared for a staunch devotee in the form of her mother to help her delivery. To quench her thirst, Shiva is believed to have split his toe nail that resulted in a spring in the form of Siddhamritha tank



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