Most Significance Temples in Ambaji

Most Significance Temples in Ambaji
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  • 15 July 2022

Ambaji temple:-

Located on the Arasur hill, bordering the region of Gujarat and Rajasthan in Ambaji city. Out of 52 sacred shakti peethas shrines associated to Hindu religion, it's one of the most sacred shrines of goddess Arasuri Ambe mataji. The incarnations or Avatars of goddess Parvati have been worshipped since a long, which we say, pre Vedic period.

There is a story which says, when lord Shiva was humiliated by the King Prajapati Daksh, mata sati, wife of lord Shiva performed self sacrifice and entered the pyre of yagya before the whole sabha to give her father a lesson against Shiva's humiliation. Lord Shiva after addressing the fact, burnt in anger to destroy the whole universe. But lord Vishnu stopped him from doing so and cut sati's body into 52 pieces with his Sudarshan Chakra which fell down to different regions of the earth. Wherever sati's body parts fell down, the place became pious shakti peethas known by the name of her incarnations. Some say the place where Ambaji temple is located, the heart of mata Sati fell there and it became a siddha peeth.

But all the mysterious part of this temple which claims there is no idol statue or any picture depicting Avatar of mata Sati or goddess Amba, but there is a gold plated inscription of the Vishwa Yantra kept inside the temple cave. The Yantra is decorated with ornaments and sober costumes everyday which represents the power and honour of maa Amba. Another major aspect of visiting this temple is - the child form, the adult form and the old-age form at different phases of a day are worshipped throughout the day. It's the only temple till date, where the carriage of vahana of maa Ambe keeps changing as per the day of week, each day a new vahan comes up in decoration. Tourists following this place seek blessings of her different roop, throughout the whole year.

Kamakshi temple:-

Kamakshi temple is also one of the most important and renowned Shakti peeth of Hindu religion, dedicated to goddess Parvati's Aditya shaktimata Avatar. Located at the lake of chilka in Danta Ambaji, has an influence of South Indian temple architecture by design which has also a fusion with north indian artistic style. The main temple of the goddess is encircled by many more small shrines or temples giving it a protective barricade. This temple has definitely been one of the most elegant and lavish temples/shrines across India.

Shri Koteshwar Mahadev temple:-

Related to the ancient times, Shri Koteshwar Mahadev temple is exclusively inspired from the Hindu scriptures, which says the origin of the Vedic virgin river Saraswati came up to this place for the first time from Swarg. This temple was renovated by one of the legends who is greatly known by the name of king Maharana Pratap. Also there is a holy Kund and a Gaumukh around the temple, from where you can experience the ravishing beauty of the flowing river Saraswati. Some historians from the ancient times say, maharishi Valmiki had a hut nearby this site whence he lived in the jungles to write one of the original Hindu scripture - the Ramayana.

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