Most Significance Temples in Bhuj

Most Significance Temples in Bhuj
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  • 15 July 2022

Bhuj is mostly known for its village traditional handicrafts and handpicked embroidery,which also is known for one of its small but delicate cities around Gujarat. As other specialty of Bhuj are the Pilgrimage destination as lots of Temples that makes the city spiritual here the list of Most Significant Temples in Bhuj

Dhinodhar temple:-

The scenic beauty of this temple catches the visitor's eye, as it's located on the hills of Dhinodhar. The place is as pious as it's worth visiting for its serenity and peaceful vibe. Dhinodhar temple was built in 644 AD by Nath sampradev, who was also a devotee of lord Dharmnath. Dhinodhar hills has been an inactive volcano standing upright 386 metres from ground level. You can also take an eagle's view  to the Rann, which is a salt desert, but many ages ago it was a fertile land. From the topmost view of this hill, you can experience the expansion of spellbinding chhari dhand wetlands, which attracts innumerable pilgrims and tour freaks till date.

Swaminarayan temple:-

This temple is a franchise of Swaminarayan temples built across the globe. Hence it's famous for its architectural magnificence and it's die-heartedly dedicated to lord Vishnu. Established in 1824, this beautifully designed temple was ruined by Gujarat's earthquake but refurbished again to gain its vigilance back. The very second time, the Swaminarayan temple was built with pure gold and marble beside the bank of Hamirsar lake. Inside the temple's Garbhagriha, the idol of lord Krishna and goddess Radha has been brought to life. The idols inside the temple's complex are made up of precious stones and the throne is made up of pure gold, which is another sightseeing experience for the tourists.

Guru Gorakhnath temple:-

Dating back to 1821, the guru Gorakhnath temple was heavily damaged by Gujarat's earthquake and the temple complex lost its beauty and treasures. Soon after this accident, the temple was rebuilt by a devotee called Sunderji Khatri, he expanded and fortified the valour of the complex, so that devotees from across the country started visiting it in a mass. The whole campus is constructed with black marble, very rare materials and stones are used to give it a beautiful texture. Also, in the puja vedi region, there was an oil lamp kept for a long time, which has been burning from then to now and it has never gone out. It's a matter of bliss for devotees that they can perform several rituals such as Yajna, puja, and sanskaar inside the temple's premise. Every year locals and visitors hold a mela on the birth anniversary of lord Gorakhnath Ji, where prayers of each and every devotee are answered, as believed there.



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