Most Significance Temples in Daman

Most Significance Temples in Daman
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  • 15 July 2022

It is also known by the name of twin town- Nani Daman and Moti Daman. Daman famous for scenic beauty of sea beaches, as about the temple here are some famous temples also that know as Somnath Mahadev Temple, Samudra Narayan Temple, Sri Satyanarayan Temple.

Somnath Mahadev temple

Dedicated to lord Shiva, this temple belongs to the Hindu religious beliefs and of a great importance to the community. The temple is located at Somnath road of Daman, which was built in the 19th century when a monk requested to construct it with his dedication towards Mahadev. Symbolically, Somnath Mahadev is one of the 12 major sacred  Shiva jyotirlingas of Hindu religion. The stunning and vibrant ambience around the temple makes it a place where you can't hold your eyes back off. To get a spiritual consolation, and a scenic view of the temple through its intricate carving patterns, floral decorations, and beautiful scriptures, this place has a sightseeing excitement. Each and every year, there helds a fair festival called Gangaji fair which is a colour and flowers ritualistic way of celebration, where a number of pilgrims and devotees come up to attend the puja and bathe in the holy water of holy river Ganga.

Samudra Narayan temple

Located on the confluence of Daman Ganga or Gomti and the Arabian sea in Nani, Daman, this temple is associated with lord Vishnu. Samudra Narayan Avatar of lord Vishnu is considered to be the most peaceful and heartwarming incarnation. According to stories from the scriptures, it's believed that the goddess Ganga sanctified lord Rama after winning the war with the Ravana and later submerged with the Arabian sea manifesting her presence on Daman ghats. Tourists get Outlook from across the globe. Encircled with the pachnada theertha meaning five wells of sweet water, the temple has an invoice for cultural, spiritual and religious importance. Lord Chakra Narayan visits afterwards the meditation practice inside the cave at Manorath dwar can make your tour worth all the time.

Sri Satyanarayan temple

Located in Nani of Daman, Sri Satyanarayana Swamy temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu. The architectural design of this temple is highly inspired from the south indian slides of structure. Moreover it has a great deal with tourists coming up to offer their devotion towards the lord. It's said, whosoever visits here for darshan on a yearly basis, God Satyanarayan gives them bliss and prosperity. There, on the special occasion, Satyanarayan Swami puja is held which is attended by thousands of followers of the Hindu religion. The deity idol of this temple has a significant appearance as it's a realistically beautiful site-seeing experience for all of those who are dedicated towards their spiritual practices. The ambient and sound healing mantra chanting going everytime makes its vibe way more expensive and extrinsic.


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