Most Significance Temples in Dwarka

Most Significance Temples in Dwarka
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  • 15 July 2022

Dwarka is famous for Temple of Dwarkadhish Temple of Lord Krishna, Considered amongst the religious and notably ancient historical places, this is famously visited as a sacred pilgrimage to Hindu religion. The festival of janmashtami is major attractions in Dwarka and being the city of Krishna it's believed to be one of the most oldest 7 cities of Hindu pilgrimage which is termed as sapta puris till date. You can find here some other famous temple of Dwarka

Dwarkadhish Jagat temple:-

This spellbinding and beauty inclining temple structure is an example of world class atheistic architecture in itself. It's believed that the grandson of lord Krishna, Vajranabh had established it on a small hill which is accessed by more than 50 steps having heavily sculpted walls of idols of lord Krishna in various postures. Each idol sculpture has an ancient history to tell, especially leaving greater imprints of 16th-19th century Indian artistry. Also, the walls of temple complexes have intrinsically carved mythical characters and legends with some intricate finishing of ancient art and design.

Despite being attacked and renovated several times, it didn't lose its ecstasy. The original structure was destroyed thoroughly, by one of the invaders Mahmud begada in 1472. But rebuilt in the 16th century and feted under guidance of 8th century hindu philosopher Adi Shankaracharya.

 It's one of the holiest sites and one of the four dhams belonging to Hindu religion and their beliefs.

It has a fascinating and spiritual vibe which elongates your wisdom and heart for traditional values and its vibrance.

Crores of devotees and followers of Hindu religion come here every year to offer their devotion towards their most loved and renowned deity, lord Krishna, who founded one of the oldest cities of Dwarka seven times after it submerged by 6 times in the ocean.

Bhadkeshwar Mahadev temple:-

Built on the edges of Dwarka, located on the hillock of Arabian sea to its extreme west. It's said that around 5000 years ago, mysteriously a Shivalinga was revealed by itself in the Arabian sea which nowadays since ages, known as Sri Bhadkeshwar Mahadev Mandir. When waters flow from the ocean in the month of June or July, the sea itself performs rudrabhishek of this divine shivling. The major attraction in these two months of summer is beach shores around this temple which outlooks its heavenly abode. There is a path constructed linking to the shivling above sea level which leads to the temple. Even flood days around the temple doesn't create any hindrance to the visitors, in spite of which it adds meticulous sightseeing experience to them. On the days of mahashivaratri, there helds a fair with the name of worshipping lord Shiva to get bliss and peace.

Samudra Narayan temple:-

Located on the confluence of the river gomti and the Arabian sea, this temple is dedicated to goddess Gomti devi. According to Hindu scriptures and mythological tales, it's believed that the river gomti was brought down from Swarg (heaven), on this line by Rishi Vashist to sanctify lord Rama after winning battle with the king Ravana. Once lord Rama was sanctified, rover Gomti decided to manifest the location to get submerged into the Arabian sea. This delicately carved temple structure is one of the major attractions which pulls tourists' eyesight from across the globe.

Another breathtaking view from here is Chakra Narayan shrine, which beholds the beauty with lord vishnu's idol holding his great sudarshan chakra, symbolising dharma darshan.


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