Most Significance Temples in Jamnagar

Most Significance Temples in Jamnagar
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  • 15 July 2022

Located on the banks of rivers Rangmati and Nagmati, belongs to the Saurashtra region, king Jam Raval founded this city as capital of his princely states Nawanagar, from where the name Jamnagar comes from. Jamnagar is famously known for its tie-dyed bandhani fabrics, silver wares and beautiful handpicked embroidery designs around the world. Besides this, the major attractions of the city is - The marine National park, which is also the one and only marine sanctuaries of India boundaries the coral reef islands of Pirotan. Once known as the brass city because it has the largest brass production units of India. Known by the name of "World's oil city" it has the biggest oil refineries established by reliance industries around the world, which produces abundance of oil. For having an ultimate destination experience, one must visit Jamnagar to prosper the idea of culture, civilization and progress, all in the same plate.

Khijada mandir 

Also known by the name of Shri 5 Navtanpuri Dham, located in the centre parts of Jamnagar. Founded in 1630, by the former Acharya of Shri Krishna Pranami sect, Swami Shri Devchandreji. This is a temple with its unique identity, which promotes unity of each and every religion. The story behind the locating this shrine temple in Jamnagar is such- once Swami Devchandreji cut a tiny twig of Khijada tree to brush his teeth, which was later then splitting into two parts thrown away. These two parts of a small twig free into two large Khijada trees separately, which gave birth to this very renowned and popular temple. These trees are still standing there attached to the walls of the shrine of the temple. And the other holy part of this campus is Jamunaji kuvo, which is a well believed to be the water of flooded yamuna ji water inside it. There are a number of devotees who follow the ideology of the Pranami sect with 600 significant temples around the world.

Sun temple of Gop village

Gop temple of zinavari village in Jamnagar district, is a sun temple but dedicated to lord Shiva Avatar - lord Gopeshwar or Gopnath. The architectural design of this beautiful and exquisite temple site is influenced by Gandhara patterns which date back to the 6th century and the first half of the seventh century. Although, it also resembles the architecture format of North and South India's temple structures. Located on the banks of vartu river over the southwest of Gop hill of barda hills. Also, its elegance is such that the archeological survey of India has declared it as a monument of protected national importance. Some literates confirm its designation towards lord Krishna and his Gopis, as several beautiful and long lasting stone art serves its evidence till date. It's also considered the earliest surviving stone temple dating with Saurashtra of Gujarat. This place is a must-visit to those who are inclined towards science of time lapse and solar zones …

Bhidbhanjan temple

It's one of the oldest considered sacred temples around Jamnagar, which attracts tourists and devotees with its magnificence and elegant old structure influenced with modern patterns. Dedicated to lord Shiva, and constructed by the first ruler and founder of Jamnagar, Jam Raval. The architectural lashbacks the Hindu -Rajput style with its royal exterior-interior and meticulous carvings. The Shikhar, upper dome of the temple is piously inspired from the architectural style of South Indian temples at that time.

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