Most Significance Temples in Junagarh

Most Significance Temples in Junagarh
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  • 15 July 2022

Junagarh located in the region of Saurashtra which is also mentioned in the Mahabharata, the city is very colourful and intricate architecture of forts. Here we are talking about the temples so Junagarh is also have lots of temples that we are providing you the list of some famous temples of Junagarh. We know the junagarh as a the brass city because it has the largest brass production units of India. For having an ultimate destination experience, one must visit Jamnagar to prosper the idea of culture, civilization and progress, all in the same plate. That the city is famous for temples also here you can find the famous temples in Junagarh :

Neminath temple:-

Junagarh offers a significant linkage to temple tourism, one of the most out of which is Neminath temple. This temple complex was built by two brothers named Vastupal and Tejpal, in 1159 AD. Neminath temple is famously dedicated to the 22nd tirthankara of Jain religion, and made up of black carved marbles. The paintings and carvings all speak up about the charm of Jain style architecture, domes above the temple are skillfully designed as such a historical story it has to tell. This place is a must-visit to your trip list, you yourself can experience the outbound calls from its serene view.

Mallinath temple:-

Posing the extravagant, spellbound beauty of this temple premises will not let you away from its effect. Credentially this temple was constructed by two aforementioned brothers Vastupal and Tejpal in 1177 AD. The beholder's eyesight could be hung over the exteriors and its carvings will stun you. The Mallinath temple is called the triple temple which is dedicated to Jainism. All these triplets were built for the reconciliation of values and culture of Jainism. It thrives the same valour of Jain rituals as well as Hindu rituals. Mantra chanting, flower offering, puja, bell ringing adorn the sense of peace and solitude. It's also the place where ascetics or paramjnani (highly renowned sadhus and aghoris) gather for special events or festivals. In the name of sadhus, a majestic fair is held on the day of Kartik Purnima every year  which is an eye captivating event for tourists and devotees.

 Bhavnath Mahadev temple:-

The temple of Bhavnath Mahadev is standing still at the top hills of the famously known Girnar hills in junagarh.

This is a place where all the Nagas or Naga sadhus meet up in Bhavnath mela for a 5 days event every year in the month of magha, which is joyfully celebrated by artists, singers ,dancers, devotees and local people.

As it is believed according to Hindu mythology, in this duration lord Shiva himself visits the temple complex.

The campus is lit up with diyas and lamps, stalls or souvenirs and all types of cuisine served during the fair. You can better experience this place if you could pay a visit in this period.

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