Most Significance Temples in Konkan

Most Significance Temples in Konkan
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  • 14 October 2022

The beauty of Konkan is hard to explain in words and can only be experienced. It has a diversity of geographical marvels as well as heritage sites may it be the verdant serene hills or the well-maintained beaches. It is also known for its architectural beauty which can be seen in the temples located in the region. The area has been an important site since prehistoric times and various idols of the mother goddess have been excavated which signifies how it has been a religious centre since the primordial era.

Velneshwar Shiva Temple
This is a 500-year-old shrine located near Velneshwar Beach in Konkan and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Velneshwar beach is an offbeat location not known by many hence it provides a serene and peaceful experience. The temple’s inner chambers are decorated with paintings and scenes from the mythologies leaving the visitors in awe.

Kunkeshwar Mahadev Temple
It is also known as Kashi of the South and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is situated in Kunkeshwar village and was built in 1100 by the Yadavas and was later renovated by Shivaji. The temple is a great example of Konkani architecture and is adorned with carvings and sculptures inside and out. The kunkeshwar beach is also located in close proximity to the temple and is known for its white sand and dolphins.

Marleshwar Shiva Temple
Located in Ratnagiri it is a cave-type shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has a small platform that gives a view of the Dhareshwar waterfalls. There’s also a three day trek for the adventure seekers to reach the temple.

Harihareshwar Temple
Blessed by Lord Shiva himself this shrine is situated in the village of Harihareshwar. It is also known as ‘Devghar’ which translates to ‘House of God’ as it is blessed by the Almighty himself. The harihareshwar beach near the temple is also a must-visit as one can observe the Sahyadri hills on one side and the vast serene waves on the other.

Girye Rameshwar Temple
Built in the 16th century it houses a silver idol of Lord Shiva riding a bull and is situated in Sindhudurg. The temple has been renovated multiple times throughout its history, especially by the Marathas which presents a contrasting and unique style of architecture created over a long period of time.

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