Most Significance Temples in Polo Forest

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Most Significance Temples in Polo Forest
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  • 15 July 2022

Sharaneshwar Shiva temple:-

Located in Abhapur's beautiful and scenic Polo forest at the foothills of Aravalli range which borders Rajasthan and Gujarat on the river Harnav banks. This temple is known to be a place of great National importance since the place where the temple is situated was the ancient kingdom of great political state - Vijayanagar. Spread over an area of 400 kms square which is home to several animals, birds, reptiles, a variety of trees and super-rich myriad medicinal herbs. Sarneshwar temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and catches the delicate interest of numerous beholders, that too built in the 15th century. According to local people residing besides this temple, the temple has a three storey architectural structure. You can observe the delicate carvings and intricate patterns over the grandeur and its pillars. The major attractions beholds the sightseeing of this temple is- the vahana of lord Shiva, Nandi is seated higher than lord Shiva himself at a pillar. Also the complex structure is three dimensional, having a maha Mandapam around the Garbhagriha, circumambulation is practised here. There is also a yagyakunda inside the temple premises which contrasts the style from the chalukyas which seems to be extremely ornate earlier.

 Lakha temple ruins:-

The grand jain temple located in Abhapuri is one of the lost Jain pilgrimage sites and that of an international interest. N number of bhil tribals took care of these ruins so that at least its revered ecstasy may live long. Despite being around 1500 years old, there are beautifully  decorative and elegant stone works residing inside the temple complex which proves its architectural magnificence in the earlier ages. The most exquisite designed structure dates back to 7-9 centuries ago. There was a nritya mandapam also, around which the five less damaged idols were found one of which major attractions is - 51 inch idol of lord Adinath, who is the mulnayak or main deity of Jainism. If you're a person who has an intensified craving for archeology and historical monuments, then the beautiful archways and the whole Grandeur of this ruin is the must-visit site.

Last but not the list, you can also experience mountain climbing, forest trekking, bird watching adventures on this site all of an another spellbound.

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