Most Significance Temples in Rajkot

Most Significance Temples in Rajkot
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  • 15 July 2022

Iskcon temple

Dedicated to lord Krishna and Radha, iskcon temple has its own specifications all over the world nowadays. This iskcon temple is also known as Sri Radha neelmadhav dham, the most visited and popular iskcon temple in Gujarat pilgrimage sites itself. The hare Krishna ashram surrounds the vibrance of the temple complex, which is dedicated to the bhakti yoga practices. Bhakti yoga is practised amongst  several Krishna bhakts, to offer love and their devotion towards the lord. This temple is known for its intricate carvings and a Gopal Goshala in its premises.

Dwarkadhish jagat temple

Being one of the four major pilgrimage sites that is char dham of Hindu religion, Dwarkadhish jagat temple is considered as the divine abode which is 'the gateway to liberation'.  According to Hindu mythology and scriptures, the eighth Avatar or incarnation of lord Vishnu was Krishna who shifted his capital city from Mathura to Dwarka, to save his yadav clan after getting death attacks from mama kansh.

Later on, Vajranabha, the great grandson of lord Krishna built this temple but it was soon attacked by the invaders several times. The present structure and architectural design of this temple dates back to chalukyas, constructed with granite and soft limestone.

The major sightseeing experience inside the complex is the seven storey temple structure which is upholded by 72 carved pillars. Secondly, the entrance of this temple takes you towards the door to salvation or moksha dwar towards north and the other one leads you towards south to the swarg dwar or gateway to heaven.

Ishwariya temple

Dedicated to lord Shiva, Ishwariya temple is located on the uneven territory of the city edges, to provide us a glimpse of being indulged in the appealing beauty of its surroundings. This is also one of the most visited picnic spots for several tourists and locals. The nearby area of this temple has a small lake which signs in the reasonable and  sorted excursion with your family or friends.

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