Most Significance Temples in Saputara

Most Significance Temples in Saputara
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  • 15 July 2022

Saputara is famously known for its picnic spots around the Saputara valley, and here have some most famous Temples also that you can visit for darshan. The panoramic view of this city will make you go speechless as just you see the sunset point, sunrise point, table point and gira waterfalls and so on 

Nageshwar Mahadev temple

Located on the southern banks of Saputara lake, this temple is associated with Nageshwar Mahadev, an incarnation of lord Shiva. The Naga Avatar of Shiva is worshipped here, whose Sanctum sanctorum enshrines a simple but beautiful black granite made Shivalinga. The lake garden view is another major attraction in Saputara, which makes this temple shrine effortlessly famous and of national importance. The area near this temple is surrounded by a variety of floral and planted gardens which touch the mesmerising stone carved ceiling of the temple campus attractive to the beholder's eyesight.

Maharshi sadafaldeo dandakvan ashram

This temple campus is known by the name of Dandakvan Ashrama Vansda, which is a landscape garden as well as an ashram established on the idea of Yogiraj Maharshi Sadhguru Safaldeo ji Maharaj. He got brahmavidya and enlightened himself after several hundred years, later he established the concept of Vihangam Yoga to the world. Tourists or devotees coming up to this place are entitled to bhakti that is devotion and mukti that is liberation. The natural beauty adorns this place' ambience inside which scribes beautifully constructed buildings for accommodation of devotees, a gigantic water fountain and a spellbinding park garden. Everyday, there yagya is conducted, preachers and devotees attend satsang to give themselves a bliss under the concoction of Maharaj ji.

 BAPS Swaminarayan temple

BAPS Swaminarayan temple of Saputara is another branch of temple complexes group dedicated to lord Vishnu. Undoubtedly temples under BAPS trust, are intrinsically beautiful and famous around the world with having more than 600 in numbers till date. The temple complex attracts your eyesight located on the top of Saputara across the plenty of greenery. The surrounding arena is really green and beautiful to experience peace and solitude. But still its construction is going on these days to enlarge the premises of the temple to make it more convenient to visitors. If you're not very fond of tophills, you can skip it at one chance but if you're, this place is to be visited for a few days' stay.

Saptashrungi temple

This is a hill temple, dedicated to goddess Durga which is closely located near Nashik of Maharashtra and to Gujarat's Saputara hill stations. The mountain trekking experience to climb up and visit this temple excites the tourists coming up. The scenic beauty of this hill temple is something you can relish pleasantly. Several pilgrims who don't want to trek, can take up stairs which are really well maintained these days and 400 upstairs in number. Also, you can go by your own personal vehicle or rope cars facilities are available down the hills. People from across the country come up to offer their devotion to maa Saptashrungi Avatar of goddess Durga and for her darshan it's like an everyday fair on the top hills of Saputara

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