Popular Temples In Balasore

Popular Temples In Balasore
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  • 12 October 2022

A premier Tourist attraction of Odisha, Balasore  is the  main place of the Balasore District.  it's  a culturally rich district and  is additionally  historically popular.  It's  the residential place of Fakir Mohan,  referred to as  the saviour of the Odia language.

Emami Jagannath temple

Emami Jagannath temple  is that the  newly constructed Jagannath Temple  could be a  wonderful architectural model  that pulls  a decent  number  of holiday makers  to the current  site. Made  within the  year 2015 with a red stone having many side deities  within the  temple campus.

Panchalingeswar temple

Ensconced  within the  verdant environs of Nilgiri, the five Lingas at Panchalingeswar, the revered venue  for various  devotees, are bathed by the iridescent and sparkling waters of a perennial stream. Legend has it that these Lingams were installed  during this  beautiful abode by King Banasura himself.

Khirachora Gopinath temple

Famous for Khirachora Gopinath temple, Remuna has been a seat of Vaishnavite Culture  for hundreds of years, Madhabendra Puri the teacher of Shri Chaitanya and Shri Chaitanya himself visited Remuna and offered their worship to Khirochora Gopinath. Today  many  devotees gather daily for the sacred Darshan of the Lord. Specially prepared milk  is the  most delicious Prasad of the temple.

Talsari-Udaipur beach

The long stretches of sandy beaches with red crabs and whistling casuarinas at Talsari-Udaipur beach attract tourists. Tourists can enjoy the marine drive from Talasari to Udaipur sea beach (3 km)  in a very  cool and calm atmosphere. The sunrise and sunset at Talsari and Udaipur beach  is actually  pleasant scenery for nature lovers.

Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary

Abode of the elephants  and therefore the  Indian Gaur, Kuldiha leaves the visitors stunned with its natural beauty and rich Flora and Fauna.

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