Popular Temples In Kendujhar

Popular Temples In Kendujhar
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  • 12 October 2022

Kendujhar may be a trade centre for the farm and forest products of the encircling area. Hand-loom weaving is additionally important. The people of the district observe a variety of festivals all the year round. These festivals are broadly divided into two categories viz. domestic festivals and public festivals.

Bhimkund Waterfall

Bhimkund Waterfall, Keonjhar encompasses a stunning spectacular natural environment encircled with lush green forest. The majestic Baitarani river provides two most beautiful and scary waterfalls called Sanakunda & Badakunda to the natural lovers. The waterfall incorporates a terrific characteristic of imparting awesome experience to the visitors because of the large vertical shaped gorge & speeding current and makes the environment smoky.

Keshri kund

Keshari Kunda which has two holes on the bed of river Baitarani attracts people to urge holy dip and other people offer their homage to lord Siva on its bank. The landscape provides a stimulating scenario for picnicors and holidayers. During Makar Sankranti adventurous people dare to enter into one hole of river bed and are available come in another hole so as to prove their righteousness. This spot is simply 50 km aloof from Keonjhar town.

Kushaleshwar temple

The temple located on the bank of river Kusei is a wonderful pilgrimage centre of the world. Jagar mela & Sravan purnima are celebrated with great enthusiasm. This temple has corroborated the saga of Koshal empire of western Odisha. The temple may be a unique treasure trove of chiselled sculptures of precious religious faiths. The superb craftsmanship of artists throw light on religious activities of Jainism, Buddhism,Vaishnavism, Saivism & Saktism.

Murga Mahadev temple

Murga Mahadev Temple stands majestically at the foot of Thakurani Hills and is a vital tourist spot within the district. A picturesque perennial spring of Thakurani Hills with lush green forest has gifted a stunning waterfall to the natural lovers which flows near the temple area facilitating holy bath to the devotees. Huge crowds gather here during Makar Sankranti and Shivaratri. This spot is simply 70 km faraway from Keonjhar town.

Handibhanaga waterfall

Handibhanaga waterfall is situated in a picturesque natural environment amidst lush green forest with a rolling range of mountains. The nearby area could be a huge reserve of rich biodiversity & ecology. Handibhanaga waterfall with a height of 200 feet high mesmerises the visitors for this stunning landscape. the fantastic thing about the spot attracts picnickers & weekend holidayers alike. This spot is simply 45 km faraway from Keonjhar town.


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