Popular Temples In Sambalpur

Popular Temples In Sambalpur
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  • 12 October 2022

Sambalpur  is the  biggest city in western Odisha.  It's  a historically important place, mainly  due to  the quantity  of freedom fights against the British, Veer Surendra Sai being  one in all  the numerous  who died fighting  Brits.  It's  a chic  heritage of culture and tradition. Sambalpur  is an asserted  Municipality  within the  year 1883 and Municipal corporation  within the  year 2013 consisting of Sambalpur, Hirakud and Burla. Sambalpur  is the  Education hub of Odisha.

Maa Samaleswari temple

Samaleswari, the presiding deity of Sambalpur,  could be a  strong religious force  within the  western  a part of  Odisha and Chhattisgarh state of India. On the bank of the river Mahanadi, the mother goddess Samaleswari is worshipped from the past  as Jagatjanani, Adishakti, Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati.

Maa Ghanteswari temple

Ghanteswari temple  may be a  temple  within the  district of Sambalpur, the western region of Odisha, India.  because the  name suggests there are bells everywhere. People offer bells to goddess Ghanteswari or the Deity of Bells, after fulfilment of their wishes.

Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary

Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary, finding its origin  within the  year 1962, the sanctuary offers a soulful experience to wildlife lovers  because it  shelters  an outsized  kind of  Fauna.  meet  a district  of 304.03 square kilometres, the deciduous forest makes way for the travellers to explore  and obtain  a sight of the rich avifauna and mammals and also gives a detour  choice to  sightseeing the Hirakud Dam on the west.  Those  who plan their sightseeing tour to Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary in winters are  certainly  an excellent  time as it's  the simplest  time  to identify  the  flying opossum  and racket-tail dragons the wildlife sanctuary  is legendary  for in Odisha.

Huma temple

Huma temple, situated near Sambalpur, was established  within the  year 1670.  it's  believed that the temple was built by King Bailar Singh, the fifth king of the Chauhan dynasty of Sambalpur.  It's  popularly  referred to as  the Leaning Temple of Huma,  because it  doesn't  stand upright and is tilted towards one side. In fact, almost everything within the temple complex is skewed.

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