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Top Tourist Destinations in Jammu and Kashmir
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  • 19 October 2022

Planning a trip close to nature? We guess you thought of the valleys and mountains of the beautiful, none other than, Jammu and Kashmir! After all, it is called heaven on earth for some reason, and we'll make sure to make you feel bliss on your trip to this heaven.

One of the preparations before visiting a new state must be to know about the state's social, political, and economical status, to be an informed traveler. To enjoy Kashmiriyat, the syncretic values of Kashmiri people, it is essential to travel to all of the beautiful places, not just any one of them. Traveling is not just about visiting a place and coming back with pictures but includes exploring the cultural, historical aspects, and even trivia of the place.


Situated in the heart of Kashmir, Srinagar has beautiful temples apart from the scenic Dal lake.

Shankaracharya temple
On the top of Shankaracharya Hill, Zabarwan Range in Srinagar is located the Shankaracharya Temple, also called the Jyeshteshwara Temple-dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is at a height of 1,000 feet above the valley floor where one can watch the Srinagar as a map.

Shikara scenery view

The most famous place in Kashmir Valley, where you can enjoy a Shikara ride, is the fabulous Dal Lake, with its peaceful surroundings and mind-blowing views.

You can reach Nehru Park, the island of Char Chinar, and a few hotels, whereas restaurants are also located at its edges while one enjoys a Shikara ride.


Jammu, covering 167 km² of land, receives the honor of being titled the cleanest religious place award even after being visited by over 81 lakh pilgrims annually. Few temples to consider while visiting Jammu are:

Ranbireshwar temple

People believe Ranbireshwar Temple is one of the biggest temples of Lord Shiva in north India, along with being one of the major attractions of Jammu City. Its popularity is about its magnificent structure.

Peer Kho Cave Temple

It is a famous shrine that is mostly crowded during Puranmashi, Amavasya, and Ekadashi, all of which are the different transit phases of the moon. This temple is mainly a Shiva Temple. It is a very peaceful place to take a visit.

Bahu fort temple

Architectural grandeur and delightful are the words used when we talk about Bahu Fort And Temple. This fort has undergone several demolitions and reconstructions over the years till the time but yet stands still. The present fort was reconstructed in the 19th century, and was further refurbished during the rule of Maharaja Ranbir Singh.


Udhampur is popularly known as the ‘land of Devika’ and ‘land of Bowlis’.One could fall in love with the place after visiting during winter, and especially post experiencing snowfall.

Shankari devta temple

A pious and fantastic temple, Shankari Devta temple, is situated on a hillock in village Meer in a scenic spot.

Sudh Mahadev And Mantalai temple

This highly revered Shiva temple is located at a distance of 42 km from Patnitop and 112 Km from Krimachi. The mystical underground stream to refresh one’s soul, Devak believed to be as sacred as the Ganges originates at Sudh Mahadev and disappears among the rocks some distance downstream.

Other places of interest are wooden sculptures that are crafted locally. Accommodations are easily available.

There are numerous sepulchers of saints which have enchanting surroundings while visiting the shrines of Anantnag, and one feels in close proximity to the Almighty. Some of the shrines have historical importance in addition to the religious significance attached to them. Hindu as well as Muslim community pay visit to these places.

Some of the shrines are the world-famous shrine of Amarnath Ji and other famous shrines of Reshis like the famous shrine of Baba-Zain-ud-Din Wali (Aishmuqam), Baba Hyder Reshi (Anantnag), the last of the giants of the Rishi order in Kashmir about whose resting place the Alamda-i-Kashmir (Flag Bearer of Kashmir), Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Rishi had foretold his disciples, Baba Dawood Ghoni (Vailoo).


The city of Baramulla holds the position of a gateway to the valley as it was located on the route to the Valley from Muzaffarabad, now in POK, and Rawalpindi, now in Pakistan.

Baramulla contains many scenic attractions like Wular Lake, Khilanmarg, and Gulmarg, it is home to religious establishments like temples, monasteries, and mosques and historical monuments like Buddhist stupas that draw attention worldwide.

The Sugandhesa temple

Being one of the temples, was constructed near Srinagar and was named after Sugandha, the wife of King Sankaravarman. It bears a resemblance in architecture to other Kashmiri temples, sweeping over an area of 12 feet 7 inches square.

Many places commemorate a visit to Kathua by Pandavas. Lord Krishna is also said to have come to this area, in order to get back the koh-i-noor from Jamabant.

Nilakantheshwar Shiv Temple

Its situated in Airwan (15 Kms from Kathua). As the legend goes, the ancient name of this place was Airavati. It is believed that the temple has associations with famous King Vikramaditya. The Shiv-linga enshrined here is of light blue color hence the name Nilakantheshwar given to the temple.

Sukrala Mata temple

The most famous shrine dedicated to the mother goddess is Sukrala Devi Shrine located at a distance of 9.60 Km from Billawar and about 75 Km from Kathua.

Leh has been welcoming all of us since 1947 and the number of visitors never faced a decline, because of its landscape, culture, traditional environment, and many more. It still has much potential for adventure tourism.

Hemis, Alchi, Lamayuru, Shey, and Thiksay monasteries

These are some of the most popular monasteries of Ladakh which attract both domestic as well as foreign tourist. Pangong lake(Half in China) and the world's highest motorable road Khardongla (18350 fts) is the main attraction for domestic tourists, and monasteries and mountains are for foreign tourists.

Mountain biking and motorbiking in Leh is a popular activities. It would be a loss for you not to visit The Ladakh festival, Losar festival, and Hemis festival.


Doodhpathri or Valley of Milk

It is a tourist destination and hill station in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. It is located in the Budgam district of Jammu & Kashmir. The place lies at an altitude of 8,957 ft from sea level; situated at a distance of 42 km from the capital (summer) Srinagar and 22 km from district HQ- Budgam.

The Budgam Imambara, the Tomb of Sheikh Noor-ud-Din, the Tomb of Sham Ded, the Tomb of Baba Latif-ud-Din, and the Shrine of Hazrat Ganga Baba Rishi are among the religious and historic monuments in the area. Budgam is an easy to reach location, by air, train, and even road.

Who would not know Pulwama, the district centrally located in the valley of Kashmir? One can easily experience the essence of agriculture in the area, which is also famous for rice productivity.

Avantipur Temple
Inspired by Greek architecture, this aesthetic temple was built by King Awantivarman in the year 855 CE. Originally known as Viswasara, the ancient town which was then a capital as well, was founded by King Avantivarman. The details of the ruins are interesting enough to engage a visitor for quite a long time, keeping in mind that it is just a part of some whole that existed earlier during his reign.

Vaishno Devi is a temple town that's home to the famous Vaishno Devi Mandir, which our parents and grandparents mostly are willing to visit. But after reaching the spot, one would not want to come back. Located in Trikuta hills, 13 km from Katra (in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir); this renowned shrine attends millions of devotees from all over the world., opularly known as Mata Rani, Vaishnavi and Trikuta, or Vaishno Devi. It is believed that during the worshipping process, Goddesses pays a visit ot the holy temple. Devotees believe the goddess herself calls the devotees to reach here.

Pahalgam is famous for its scenic beauty and is the ornament of the picturesque Liddar valley in the Himalayas. This place facilitates an ideal setting for hiking, trekking, and fishing. How can one forget to mention, that it is the beginning of the holy cave of Amarnath?Among the most important places in Pahalgam tourism, Betaab Valley is surrounded by tall deodar trees and pine forests. The Lidder River flows through the valley. The Bollywood movie Betaab was shot here, featuring Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh, as a result, the name.

Patnitop or Patni Top was originally known as 'Patan Da Talab', translated as ‘the pond of the princess. Medicinal properties can be experienced around the hill during springtime. During the winter season, one can visit to participate in different outdoor activities, such as trekking, skiing, golf, paragliding, horse riding, aero sports, and photography, among others including many more.

The Nag Devta Mandir
It's a 600-year-old temple which is on top of a hill in Mantalai. People believe it is the same place where Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati. The temple is dedicated to Naag Devta (serpent god), and is open to visit for worshipping snakes. Surrounded by vivid greenery and glittering snow-covered mountain peaks.

Amarnath temple
The world-famous shrine of Amarnathji is situated at Mount Amarnath whose altitude is about 5,486m above sea level, 48 kms. from Pahalgam. The beauty attracts tourists all across the globe. The traditional Yatra generally arrives at the cave annually at Rakhsha Bandhan Purnima (full moon), which occurs near the last week of August, full of people in thousands, especially sadhus.

The closest railway station to

reach is, Jammu Tawi which

 is 176 km from Amarnath

 Cave TempleAnd if you

 decide to reach by road, the

 State Transport and the

 Private Operators provide

 bus services from Jammu to

 Pahalgam and Baltlal.

Doda is a hilly district that is home to several temples.

Vasuki Naag Temple
The four Vasukinaag temples in Bhadarwah is at four places, namely, one at Gatha, second at Nalthi, third at Bheja, and fourth at Nagar Bhadarwah

Gupt Ganga Temple
The old Shiv temple is placed to the east of the town on the bank of river Neru at a distance of 0.5 km. While visiting Doda, you should go to the same cave that Pandavas used to reach Kashmir from Bhadarwah during the period of their Agyat-Vaas.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple
It is one of the famous temples of Bhadarwah, built by a resident of Sarolbagh and Prime Minister of Maharaja Hari Singh Wazir Sobha Ram. The white marble installed might blow your mind.

Katra is one of the significant tourist places is situated at the foothills of Trikuta mountain. On reaching Katra, you will be facing the gateway to Vaishno Devi shrine, the second most important temple in India. Katra lies on national highway 1C about 42 km from Jammu.

Apart from initiating the journey for Vaishno Devi, you can choose to go water rafting, Sulla Park, or spend the day at the Jhajjar Kotli. Jhajjar Kotli is quite famous among the localities. The feeling of reaching the destination and looking at the scene is so serene. It is situated15 km from Katra, located on the bank of the river Jhajjar.

Ladakh is full of features that one looks for a trip when in mountains. The area is famous for its picturesque locations. The well-maintained traditional society of Ladakh surprises its visitors. There is always a difference between reading about the place and quite opposite experience on actually. Situated at an elevation of 2750 - 7672 meters above sea level, Ladakh is indeed blessed with incredible topography that comprises hilly terrains, high-altitude peaks, and lush green grasslands. Adventure fanatics from across the globe visit Ladakh as there are a plethora of trek trails and trekking options available here.

Sonamarg is a hill station that is situated in the Ganderbal District of Jammu and Kashmir. Sonmarg has ancient importance because it was a gateway on the ancient Silk Road that connects Kashmir with China. It provides a base camp for Ladakh and is militarily very important for India. In the winter, Sonamarg becomes a valley covered in white gold thereby living up to its name. While visiting the place, one has to be careful about the climate; frequent yet low precipitation is usual, except for two or three days at a time in July and August with fine spells in between.

Rajouri has a lot of charming places. Rajouri area has great importance in ancient history. The proud feeling of being an Indian can be felt, because of the story behind it. According to the legend, in Mahabharata, there was a Kingdom known as Panchal Desa. Experts recognise Panchal Des as the Panchal range of mountains.

One of the beautiful temples in Rajouri is the Dudhadhari Temple, also known by the name Dudhadhari Barfani Ashram. The temple was built in memory of Saint Dudhadhari Baba, who is believed to have survived only on milk. When you visit this temple. You will be visiting one of the tallest temples.

Jammu and Kashmir is the crown of India, carrying the vivid, enchanting, fascinating, renewing, and incredible cultural and natural places to visit and savor forever in our memories.

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