Mehandipur Balaji

Mehandipur Balaji


Venturing into the Land of The Gods, India is a place with its own mysteries with scenic locations and mesmerizing legends. Today we are going to learn about one of our mystery temples, Mehandipur Balaji, how it has become a place of divinity for many tormented people and the savior grounds for many who worship Lord Hanuman!


With picturesque views, landscapes, magnificent forts and rich timeless culture, Rajasthan is the humble abode of all things mysterious and extravagant. At any given part of the year, tourists flock here from different parts of the country and the world to experience its contribution to our culture.

One such gem in that list is Mehandipur Balaji. Located in Dausa district of Rajasthan, the shrine is dedicated to the all-powerful Lord Hanuman, also known as the ‘god of strength’. Famous by the names of Balaji or Maruti in many parts of India, the temple derives its name from these. With the advent of its divine powers, it is said to cure people who are hit with unfortunate circumstances.

The Shrine is decorated with the presence of 3 deities who are mainly worshiped here- Lord Hanuman, Pret Raj and Bhairava. All these deities are believed to be the rulers of ghosts and spirit dimension. All the deities here are believed to be more than thousands of years old. It is believed that the idol of Lord Hanuman appeared on its own in the Aravalli hills and no artist seemed to be taking credit for that creation.

The area where the temple proudly stands used to be a forest where Shri Mahant Ji received the divine message from Lord Hanuman where he was instructed to serve and be at his duty. Since then, Lord Hanuman is worshiped here with all rituals and respect.

The Mystery Behind Mehendipur Balaji

Now, you might wonder that such a divine place might hold secrets that can stun all?

Well, here is our take on it!

According to the beliefs shared by the temple and its devotees, the legend follows that the temple holds a divine power where it can cure people infested with evil spirits and get rid of the black magic and tantrism that has been performed on them. If you have not seen a ghost and want to see how this other world works, this is the best place to experience it first-hand. Affected People are believed and seen throwing  tantrums and experience reluctance to enter the temple. You can see people trying to fight off those evil forces that are taking control of them and making lives difficult for the people around them. Various priests inhabit the premises and help families who are suffering from this dilemma. You can see this scenario all over the premises where very strict rules are followed to keep the situation under control and maintain the sanctity of the shrine.

Architecture Of The Temple

For the photography lovers and the architecture enthusiast, we will give you a peek into the structure of the temple and how you can enjoy the beauty in the chaos.

The place where the temple stands now is currently between two small hills, so your views are sorted and done with! Boasting the Rajputana style, the architecture of the place is laced with small pillared balconies and small hallways giving it the major Rajasthani Vibe!

The place boasts a warm environment with occasional breeze of fresh air. As the crown chamber is small and compact, it may take time and difficulty for visitors to take darshan. Above all, the crowd inside makes it more interesting combined with the aura it exudes.

The Rituals You Need To Know !

With a religious place come its rigorous rituals that are a must to remember and follow. Let’s look at some temple rituals that you will need to memorize to respect the establishment of this religious place!

The timings of the shrine are from 6AM to 11:30AM, and then 12PM to 9PM. There is always an ongoing food service that offers food to the needy and there are very specific rituals that need to be performed according to the timings of the place.

  • Durkhasta- Buying Durkhasta Laddos from outside the temple premises, you will have to enter the shrine where these will be given to you in 2 plates. Remember, as a tourist, these rituals hold specific importance and you have to respect them to maintain their sanctity.

These ladoos are thrown in the fire pit present in front of each deity that informs them of your arrival and the rest is to be eaten as prasadam. Some of these have to be thrown away as well to start the process of warding away the evil spirits.

  • Arzi- In this next step of the ritual, every offering is very specific. You have to buy Arzi from any of the shops outside the temple. This will include things like 2.25 kg Urad Dal, 1.25 kg Laddoos, and 4.25 kg Boiled rice. You have to offer these to Pret Raj Sarkar and Kotwal Bhairav ji separately.
  • Savamani- This specific ritual is for the people who have some unfulfilled wish in their hearts and want to fulfill it with the help of the deities. You have to tell Balaji that you will come back later with the Savamani if your wish is fulfilled. This ritual however can only be performed on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Even if you are visiting the shrine for just the purpose of discovering its mystery, it’s a great idea to document these rituals. This will give you a worldview of the depth in our culture and can also be kept as an experience with you!

Visiting for the first time? What things should you keep in mind?

Now, as we have already discussed the rituals, there are some small rules to follow to make your visit even more memorable and respectful towards the shrine. Let’s take a look at them!

  • Do not consume any non-vegetarian stuff. Also avoid eating onions.
  • Don’t turn back for a look while leaving the temple.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of the people, it’s advised not to touch or talk to the strangers in the premises.
  • Say NO to people who are trying to make you consume something forcefully.
  • Leave all the food and consumables in the village itself.
  • Carry something to cover your head to respect the deities.

Places To Visit Near Mehendipur Balaji

It’s always a good idea to explore the places around your destination as well- who knows you’ll find another hidden gem to add to your experiences!

Let’s look at some beautiful spots where you can head down after your visit to Mehandipur Balaji temple!

  • Chand Baori- A very beautiful steep well in the Dusa district, this Baori was built almost 1900 years ago by rulers of the Chauhan dynasty. It’s the oldest stepwell in the Asian Continent. Well, that makes it more than a tourist attraction now!

The symmetry and the grandiose architecture that it holds makes it one of the most splendid projects of the ancient times.

  • Harshat Mata- The next stop in this list is Harshat Mata temple. Pillaged by many rulers that invaded India, it is a travelers and photographer’s paradise when it comes to its beauty. With an open courtyard and beautiful sculptures, it is surely a treat for the visitors!
  • Bhandarej- This very picturesque and cottage core attraction will leave you speechless and wanting for more with its beautiful attractions. The piece de resistance here is the Bhadrawati palace, which boasts a beautiful royal garden and lush rooms for your comfortable stay. Make sure to enjoy the royal experience while you are at it!
  • Madhogarh- This beautiful location is set in the backdrop of lovely flower fields with a hill top view. This fort is nothing less of grandiose living and enjoying a high lifestyle. The palace has been converted into a royal hotel where different kinds of functions and stays are hosted. Giving you the full Rajasthani Vibe, this place will definitely give you all the feels!

How To Reach Mehendipur Balaji?

With our travel partnership, we will make sure to arrange for your travel needs without much hassle. For your information, we are giving a basic idea how you can reach the destination as well!

The Mehandipur Balaji temple is located in Dausa district in Rajasthan. From Jaipur, this village lies at a distance of 99km. You can travel here through three modes- By Air, By Rail or by Road.

By Air- From most metropolitan cities, you can get direct connectivity with Jaipur Airport. If not, you can take a flight to Delhi and then connect to Jaipur.

By Rail- The city of Jaipur is well connected to all the states of the country. You can book a direct ticket well in advance to ensure a confirmed booking and travel with ease. From there, you can easily access the temple by a bus or taxi.

By Road- The temple is well connected to Jaipur, Agra and Delhi railway station. From here , you can get regular bus services to the temple. For people coming by their own commute, they can access the Alwat-Mahwa or Mathura-Bharatpur-Mahwa highway.



















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